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To Health with Water

Water to Better Health

Before I get into the detail of how to get the best water please read the following article.

‘Drink Your Water! Drink for Weight Loss’

By: Kathryn Lively

Eight glasses a doubt you've heard it from everybody - your parents, your doctor, talk show professionals. The road to wellness is actually a river of pure, clean water, and while to drink sixty-four ounces daily seems like an impossible task, it is actually one of the simplest steps you can take to starting a sound weight loss program. After all, our bodies are approximately sixty percent water, so it is only natural that we constantly replenish ourselves in order to feel good.

Water has no fat - as opposed to thick milkshakes

Water has no calories - as opposed to iced tea

Water has no sugar - as opposed to soft drinks

Water has no caffeine - as opposed to coffee

Think about how many times a day you eat or have a snack. How often do you have a drink to accompany your meals? How often do you default to the combo meal that comes with a soft drink? Sure, you can order a diet drink and not contend with calories or fat, but consider the sugars (or sugar substitutes) and other ingredients that may countereffect your dieting program. By replacing each drink with a glass of water, not only are you closer to your daily allowance but you greatly increase the chances of a healthier you!

Water energizes - As you engage in a strenuous workout, you need fluids to replace what you lose. Many may suggest sports drinks with electrolytes, but these same drinks may have sugar, which may countereffect your exercise. Drinking water as you exercise can keep you energized to complete your workout.

Water refreshes - On a hot day, nothing cools down the body like a glass of ice water. Of course, it doesn't have to be a hundred degrees for water consumption to be necessary. Drink a glass or two between meals for a continued good feeling.

Water cleanses - Did you know that the more water you drink, the better for your kidneys? Yes, you might imagine that drinking water you need to urinate more, but this is actually a good thing. Water breaks down calcium that can form into kidney stones, so the more you drink the less chance you will have of getting them.
You may notice, too, that your urine becomes a lighter color when you drink more water in a day. This is a good sign, it means you are keeping your kidneys healthy. Ideally, you want to be sure your urine is as clear as possible.

So have a drink for your good health!

Article Source: Kathryn Lively writes for Compuslim, custom fit weight loss for everyone.

Nice and concise and it do make you wonder,

1. Am I drinking enough water?
2. Is the ‘WATER’ I drink, water?
3. How does drinking water helps me health wise?
4. Is that crave for that carbonated drink or super sweet drink good for me?

Well first we have to look at our habit, is the water we drink is of any health benefit to us or just to satisfy our thirst, show off to our mates to prove a point or just plain lazy that anything sweet will do kind of attitude. To make things worse we love all the not healthy drinks.

If we look back in time there were no carbonated drinks, no energy drink made from laboratory, no filtered water, and no water that was man made. All water source were from springs, well, streams, rivers and rain. So why did we made the changes that carbonated drinks replaced the pure drinking water?

Well the answer is, it is us with the ‘modern life style’ and the good life that has came unto us the pass 50 years.
So here we are trying to correct the way we should we drinking water. Well to be fair to us now we can’t walk out from our house and expect a nice stream with pure natural water flowing at our doorsteps. This almost impossible in our modern time!! We get piped water instead, with a twist of the tap we have natural spring water flowing out!!!! But wait this not the case. Can we drink straight from the tap? Yes you can and our water authority says that it is safe but no if you want pure water.

As we all are aware that the water that comes out from the tap has gone through mile and miles of pipe line god know what is in the pipe line and how many cracks and leaks that allow contamination to enter the pipe has the water gone through.
Ok, how are we then suppose to get this clean pure water if we are not say within sight of a natural water source? Here are some options, you can invest on a kettle and boil the water, distill the water, buy bottle mineral water or move to a mineral water source, filter the water using ready and off the shelf filters, invest on a reverse osmosis machine, use electrode probes for electrolyzing the water, buy tons of active charcoal and zap the water with UV (ultraviolet rays) and lastly buy a Diamond ‘Energy’ Water System.

Well there are lots to choose from, let go to detail as what can each of the above have to offer:

Boil the tap water.

1. Boiling kills germs.
2. It DOES NOT remove organic contaminants thoroughly.
3. It DOES NOT remove hazardous heavy metals.
4. Dangerous chlorine by-products as well as the unpleasant taste and smell of chlorine remain.
5. Water molecule clusters are large and not easily absorbed.

Distilled Water

1. Pure and safe.
2. Does not contain essential minerals required by the body.
3. Bland taste.
4. Water molecule clusters are large and not easily absorbed.

Mineral Water

1. Inconsistent quality: Water quality depends on the condition of the sources.
2. If the source is contaminates, so is the water.
3. Water molecule clusters are large and not easily absorbed.

Conventional Water Filters (Such as: ceramic filters, activated carbon filters or cellulose filters)

1. Single filtration mediums, removes ordinary contaminants.
2. Low in price.
3. Not effective in removing germs, organic and inorganic contaminants; boiling is still required.
4. Unable to break water molecule clusters into smaller clusters for easy absorption.

Reverse Osmosis Treatment (RO Water)

1. Water is filtered through a semi-permeable membrane, removing contaminants and foreign matter.
2. Pure and safe.
3. Removes essential minerals in the water.
4. Low in efficiency: Water wastage is as high as 75%. Also requires 24-hours electricity usage.
5. Because of slow production time, this process requires the use of a tank for storage. The cleanliness of the tank therefore becomes a risk factor.
6. Unable to break water molecule clusters into smaller clusters for easy absorption.

Electrolytic Ionize Water

1. Uses electrolysis to separate acidic and alkaline water.
2. Although alkaline water balances acid in the body, it should be at similar to bodily fluids.
3. High alkalinity is harmful to the body, and is particularly hazardous to infants.
4. Low in efficiency: Water wastage is 50% because of acid-alkaline split. Also requires 24-hour electricity usage.
5. Breaks down water molecule clusters to a smaller size, but is unable to maintain this for a prolonged period of time.

Activated Carbon filters with UV Light.

1. Filters organic and inorganic contaminants with activated carbon; disinfects bacteria through ultraviolet energy.
2. Water is pure and safe.
3. Activated carbon and UV light must be replaced regularly.
4. UV light needs to be constantly maintained to ensure effectiveness.
5. Unable to break water molecule clusters into smaller clusters for easy absorption.

Diamond Energy Water

1. Multi-filter processing technique, with filtration efficiency outperforming other health water system.
2. Better efficiency in contaminants removal.
3. Absolutely safe and pleasant-tasting water for direct consumption.
4. Filters are far more reliable and dependable.
5. Superior energy conversion and stabilization technologies.
6. Smallest molecule clusters currently unmatched by any other brand.

So it is your call for the best source of water as there are a few as mention above for your ‘Water to Better Health’.



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